Meet Our Team

Manager Andy Chu

Head Chef Shucheng Yu

Shucheng Yu has over 25 years experience in Sichuan Cuisine. Yu's father worked as a head chef for Chinese General De Zhu. Yu inherited his trade from his father and worked as head chef for the former Chinese Prime Minister Peng Li. His philosophy is simple, locally sourced produce, transformed into elegant, yet authentic Sichuan Dishes.

First Assistant Chef Hongkui Zhang

Hailing from Luzhou Sichuan, Hongkui Zhang is a disciple of Master Yu Shucheng, being by his side working professionally for more than 25 years. His cutting skills are more unique than any other Sichuan Cuisine technique.

Assistant Chef Zhenghao Yu

Zhenghao Yu is third generation successor of Yu's Sichuan Cuisine. Three generations made positive contributions to the inheritance and development of Sichuan Cuisine.