Rongcheng Fine Chinese Cuisine
About Our Restaurant

Dear Guest In the Rongcheng fine dining restaurant you will enjoy a beautiful view over Dublin Bay while experiencing a clean and comfortable dining environment. Taste the freshest local ingredients with the purest of Chinese seasoning. We will welcome you with the very best of service!

Our chef team comes from the hauntingly beautiful land of Bashu, the home of the pandas. ‘Rongcheng’ is another name for this area and in our Rongcheng Restaurant we will take you on a special experience to savour the different flavours and food cultures in the different regions of China.

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Meet Our Team

Manager Andy Chu

Chef Leader Jincheng Zhang
Chief Pasteur Liangyou Lin

Master Lin Liangyou, former Chief Pasteur of Junting Hotel, Black Pearl Restaurant, Beijing Friendship Hotel. He has participated in many state affairs banquets and made delicious Dim sum for important guests for many times. His representative work is Gufa Big deep-fried dough sticks, a popular online Dim sum in Beijing. All Dim sum are handmade.